March 30, 2011

my mother could be the mafia

So I was looking for nail clippers the other and I asked my mom...

Me: Mother, where are the nail clippers in this house?
Mom: I have them here. (picks up a ziplock bag full of shiny metal objects and hands it to me). Take your pick.

Is this trippy or what!?!

They look like torture devices. I'm betting she had these since... the 80s probably. I just had to take pictures.

Man, this family is weird....

March 16, 2011

weekend loot: "for the love of sarah" edition

I can't believe he talked me into walking/finding Johnny Air in Makati. I think it was more or less (probably more) 10 blocks from our office and he decided that we should walk there from work. Good thing it wasn't hot and the sun was a bit friendly that day so I said let's go and off we went on our little adventure.

The boyfriend purchased these 7 inch goodness from ebay a few months ago. We picked up his loot last Saturday.

It was nice to see him all smiley and excited with his loot. Haha! I mean, cmon, he just got his Field Mice and Northern Picture Library vinyls!! 

It was worth the walk, I realized. We stayed at home that weekend and just listened to these all day. 

Aaaaaaaaand that's just half of it. ;)
Stay tuned for weekend loot part 2: for the love of moz edition!

March 13, 2011

for the photoshop challenged... like me! haha!

I never seem to master that particular program. Tsk... So I was browsing through the interwebs, looking for something worth your while to read, when I remembered this awesomesaue tutorial about simple photo editing. It's for Etsy product shots but it will do in any photographs, I guess.

Here are my sample pictures using the same technique:





Big difference right??

So head over to this link and have fun!!

March 08, 2011

DIY Tuesday: Paper Dolls

Hey hey bloggers what up!

I was browsing through Etsy the other day and found this wonderful tutorial.

Pretty, no? Aaaaand it certainly looks easy to do. ;)

In other news......
The LC-A+ arrived last night!!!! Eeeeeeeeeepppp! I'm going to do a proper post about that (it certainly deserves a separate post) this week so stay tuned! 


March 04, 2011

i don't wanna jinx it but...

I am reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyyy excited about this....

By this time next week (hopefully), Imma be having one of these babies:

Ok I drew that. With a pen tablet. Ahahahaha! I'm still getting the hang of this thing so forgive my silliness. 

I can't wait!!!! I've been driving everyone (or at least everyone I know who knows lomography and/or film photography) crazy with my crazy/seriously elated smile for the past few days. Thanks guys... I know you're humoring me and sorry but I just can't be not excited about this. Ok I'll shut up... for now. :D

March 02, 2011

oh my heart... dresses!

Have you seen Elsie Flannigan's new Spring Dress Line??

Oh there's tons more in her blog! All of them are so adorable! That girl is really mod this season. I've been searching for dresses with peter pan collars these days and look at that. The girl delivers. Haha! Seriously, I can't pick a favorite since all of them are really nice. 

Go on, check em out!