March 16, 2011

weekend loot: "for the love of sarah" edition

I can't believe he talked me into walking/finding Johnny Air in Makati. I think it was more or less (probably more) 10 blocks from our office and he decided that we should walk there from work. Good thing it wasn't hot and the sun was a bit friendly that day so I said let's go and off we went on our little adventure.

The boyfriend purchased these 7 inch goodness from ebay a few months ago. We picked up his loot last Saturday.

It was nice to see him all smiley and excited with his loot. Haha! I mean, cmon, he just got his Field Mice and Northern Picture Library vinyls!! 

It was worth the walk, I realized. We stayed at home that weekend and just listened to these all day. 

Aaaaaaaaand that's just half of it. ;)
Stay tuned for weekend loot part 2: for the love of moz edition!

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Maddy said...

Sounds like a nice way to spend the afternoon :) Haven't heard any of these bands, I'll have to check them out...I'm intrigued!

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