March 13, 2011

for the photoshop challenged... like me! haha!

I never seem to master that particular program. Tsk... So I was browsing through the interwebs, looking for something worth your while to read, when I remembered this awesomesaue tutorial about simple photo editing. It's for Etsy product shots but it will do in any photographs, I guess.

Here are my sample pictures using the same technique:





Big difference right??

So head over to this link and have fun!!


Maddy said...

I know what you mean! Photoshop can be overwhelming at first, but so fun after you learn. Stick with won't regret it! Great job on the photos and is the Marquis de Sade book intersting? I've always been intrigued by him!

kat said...

Yep it is actually. ;) Never a dull moment hahaha!

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