February 27, 2012

hello my name is ashton dwyke

I'm almost 6 months old and have recently learned how to roll over on my tummy.

Nowadays, I like looking at myself in the mirror.

My aunt's iPad is pretty awesome. I can stare at myself for hours aaand take pictures as well!

See you around, internets!!

(the kid really DID take all these pictures by himself. haha!)

February 24, 2012

a treat for sore feet

I must have had an inkling, a premonition if you will, that we would be getting ourselves lost in Singapore last weekend. I wasn't even worried about what clothes I should be packing. Heck, no. Loose fitting shirts, a couple pair of shorts, some unmentionables, and I'm good to go. I was more worried about what shoes I would bring.

For somebody who doesn't like dressing up that much, shoes should be the least of my problems, right? But hey, like I said, I had a premonition. And yes, it came true.

The minute we decided to walk from the train station to our hostel (which was my idea of adventure. hah!), I thank my lucky stars for my decision to stash these babies in my bag:

These are, without a doubt, the most comfortable ballet flats I've ever worn!

Aside from being ultra comfortable, The Shoe Room gives you the option to customize your own perfect little flats. Just follow the steps and wait for the SMS. And I must say, they have superb customer service. Abby Medina, the shop owner was so kind to accept my rush order and got the flats delivered the day before our flight. Our flight was a Saturday and the couriers only deliver up till Friday. I was really surprised when the guards told me that I have a package waiting for me. The two pairs were done in less than a week!!

With that kind of service, coupled with quality work without the high price tag, I say that I would be buying more flats from this shop. And yes, you're feet will thank you for it. Why opt for flipflops when you have this classier alternative?