September 24, 2012

seeing (and making) patterns

092312 - Sunday afternoon was a crafternoon for us. We attended a screenprinting workshop by CraftMNL at The Collective in Malugay St, Makati.

We've been dying to attend their workshops ever since I started stalking... er, following them on Facebook and thank goodness we were finally able to free up our scheds. So we hauled our asses off to Makati and got our craft on.

Say hello to Andrei and Sheina from Hocus Manila. I seriously love these two! They sure know what they're talking about and we learned a lot from them.

Here's Andrei showing us the photo emulsion and how to apply it on the screen:

If only exposing film was as easy as this...

Watch the image slowly reveal itself on the screen (really, I was uh-mazed!!)

We didn't really use this since we signed up for the pattern making screenprinting magic extravaganza (!!!) so we used patterns like this:

We had to try this, it looks fun.

Aaaaand viola!

It was a very fun afternoon. The possibilities of screenprinting are endless! We can finally cross this off our bucket list.

In other news, here are some shots of the studio.

If you want to attend their workshops, "Like" CraftMNL's page in Facebook ( Trust me, you'll love it. ;)

September 03, 2012

the day the sunlight decided to play with my hair

It was about 19 years ago when this trend started. I was in high school and everybody was getting red, blue or green streaks in their hair. At that time, I was too chicken to try anything drastic to my hair (I heard that it had to be bleached so the colors would show). So I forgot about it then, convinced myself that it wasn't for me. But it had always been something I wanted to do for a long time.

Fast forward to a few years. I watched the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and met Clementine.

I know that I will do it eventually. i just don't know when.

Then last weekend, I finally did.

It was actually supposed to be a dark shade of blue. But I kind of like how this looks now. At first it was blue-green but as it slowly fades, it's turning into a light shade of green.

It's like film. I love happy accidents. And this is most definitely an accident. That I'm pleased with. Haha! This earned me 50 quirky points. Say hello to your resident weirdo. I can't wait to show you my future tattoos (if I ever muster up the courage to do it.)