December 31, 2010

a thousand stars burst open

It's a quiet few hours after the 12 mn here in my part of the world. It is currently 3 am here and we're still wide awake, the boyfriend and I. We watched a few firecrackers earlier and it was fun! I love new year's here in the Philippines. :)

Happy New Year everyone! Here's to a great 2011!!

and now I leave you with the series of photographs called...
"failed attempts at capturing fireworks"


December 18, 2010

one whiff and i fell in love

When I was younger, I used to hate perfumes. I have asthma, see, so I was quite sensitive to dust and perfumes. It usually triggers an attack so I try to stay away from perfume counters at the mall. 

That changed when I met the boyfriend, who apparently loves them. And I must admit he wears good perfume. I love how it makes him still smell good after a whole day (or in our case, night) in the office. So I asked him to come with to try to find the perfect scent for me. 

We went to Rustan's Shangrila yesterday to buy gifts and I pulled him towards the good looking men of the perfume counters. Haha! I remember smelling an Escada when I was in college and I tried to look for that. And although I can't really remember what it smelled like, I picked up a bottle of Ocean Lounge and took a whiff. And like I said in the title, I fell in love. I love how it makes me remind of summer. It has a light, fruity scent which really get along with my asthma. The guy at the counter also gave us sample of the other scent, Absolutely Me and I also like it. 

This is gonna be my signature scent from now on. The boyfriend agrees. 

December 13, 2010

my oh my!

I was browsing through my online bucket of interesting stuff (thank you tumblr!) when I saw these pretty pretty things...

(mini up up and away)

(autumn dress up doll)

These are fabric wall decals from LoveMaeStore

I absolutely loooooooooove the colors and the designs. If I had won the previous lottery, these would have been part of my must-buy list. The decals are reusable so place and re-place them anywhere that you want! Perfect for me because I can be a bit fickle (case in point, this blog had been re-done almost a dozen times already). 

This is probably my favorite...

which allows you to do this:


December 10, 2010

today's music is brought to you by

These Are The Things About You

You can really stare.
You can stare a thousand miles 
And yet still I know exactly what you see.
You can really care.
You can care about the things that happen 
To the strangers that you never meet.

These are the things about you.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you I know.

There is so much here.
There is so much that defines you
In the things you keep inside and never show.
It is really clear.
There is more behind that smile
As you're walking down the driveway in the snow.

These are the things about you.
These are the things about you.
These are the things about you I know 

December 05, 2010

2 week awol.. eeep!

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates in this blog. I had a minor operation about 2 weeks ago which made me so paranoid about using my right hand in fear of bleeding to death. Haha! I know it's silly. I'll probably tell you all about it once I get ahold of the boyfriend's camera. 


Anyway, I have alwaaaaays wanted to make my own handmade dollhouse. This cute dollhouse from Lucy Mae is simple yet so adorable. I'm kind of liking miniature these days. I hope I can make some mini models for my future dollhouse.  

Hope you have a good week ahead! :)