November 19, 2010


...trying to figure out if this would fit in my sidebar. If not, this would most likely end up in the About Me page. Hehehehe... Sorry if it looks weird. I did this in Excel and Paint. Thank you for the lovely images, Puglypixel! :D


November 16, 2010

his little bubble

I've always admired the boyfriend's knack for organizing his clutter stuff. He owns a huge (and I mean HUGE as in you can literally build a library out of his things) collections of books, LP vinyls, cds, cameras, magazines, and what have you. Here's a sneak peek of his little bubble:

November 14, 2010

the girl with the bag of awesome

Remember how I was sort of whining about not being able to use my Polaroid camera a while back? Well. a week ago, we met up with this lovely lady,Jaccua...

She had just come back from the US and was able to buy some Polaroid films from the Impossible Project!! 

My oh my! We're still trying to figure out how to use both the camera and film since it's our first time we ever use this baby. Thank you so much Jac! Vedic thanks for posting this in your site. :)

Imma happy camper. 

November 12, 2010

today's music is brought to you by

The Lucksmiths
Sunlight in a Jar

We’ve never been much chop at all that sensual stuff
One of us always seems to stop before the other’s had enough
Like a self-help manual that’s been written in Braille
It seems the more that we touch, the more we learn about our failings

I’m struck speechless by the nape of your neck
But your requests and suggestions have a similar effect
A litany of prettiness and pettiness too
I reckon every second second we come up with something new

I tried to write an opera for us
But I didn’t get that far
’Cause trying to sum you up in song
Is like catching sunlight in a jar

Complex, completely credible love
The kind that is made not handed to you from above
Is difficult to talk about and harder to write
Like the rhythm of a pulse, or the contours of firelight

Overblown libretto and a sumptuous score
Could never contain the contradictions I adore
We can just be chaos and then something aligns
It’s so hard to contain, maintain it or define it

I tried to write another chorus
But I didn’t get that far
’Cause trying to sum you up in song
Is like catching sunlight in a jar
It’s like catching sunlight in a jar

November 09, 2010

halloween partey (in photos)


the suits vs me

jump shot!

the boyfriend (who's supposed to be part of the Avatar group)

but was content with being the roaming photographer instead. haha!

the Filipiniana team

the corpse bride and the white queen

men in black

scary jesters

halloween = probably one of the best holidays of the year!

November 06, 2010


I was checking my sitemeter account this morning and I found this awesomeness that truly made my day...

I just want to tell you guys


I never realized that this blog can reach the far ends of the world (I live in the Philippines and have not traveled abroad except to Hong Kong). To see that people from all over the world visit this little space in the interwebs made my heart swell. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

You guys are awesoooooooooome! 

November 03, 2010

twas a crazy week!

Hi guys! Sooo sorry for the lack of updates last week. It was CUH-RAZY! We were preparing for the Halloween celebration (which was yesterday) in the office and we had to do props and backgrounds for the team. I didn't have my own camera but fortunately somebody with a kickass digital slr
clicked the night away (and I think I photobombed a lot of pics there hehehehehe) so I will be showing you the craziness that ensued yesterday. It was fuuuuuuunnn!!! Photos later, once I got ahold of a computer with Facebook access so I can swipe the pics. Laters!! ;)

Ok here's a preview. Hahaha!