December 05, 2010

2 week awol.. eeep!

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates in this blog. I had a minor operation about 2 weeks ago which made me so paranoid about using my right hand in fear of bleeding to death. Haha! I know it's silly. I'll probably tell you all about it once I get ahold of the boyfriend's camera. 


Anyway, I have alwaaaaays wanted to make my own handmade dollhouse. This cute dollhouse from Lucy Mae is simple yet so adorable. I'm kind of liking miniature these days. I hope I can make some mini models for my future dollhouse.  

Hope you have a good week ahead! :)


katrina said...

geez, kat -- i hope you're feeling better! your surgery sounds serious.

yes, i'm pinay, girl. high 5!!! :D

Teresa said...

I hope you get better asap! :)

♥ Teresa of Pretty Dandy ♥

midnightcity said...

Hi Katrina! Naah it's just fibroadenoma. Not really a big deal but it's really annoying. :\ Good to know you're pinay! Hahaha! I hope you can come visit. I would loooooooooove to visit SF someday. Looks like a really awesome place... :)

Hey Teresa! Thanks!! I'm all better now. I was stuck at home for 4 days. Ugh. I hated it. Good thing it's a minor surgery... Hehe!

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