September 03, 2012

the day the sunlight decided to play with my hair

It was about 19 years ago when this trend started. I was in high school and everybody was getting red, blue or green streaks in their hair. At that time, I was too chicken to try anything drastic to my hair (I heard that it had to be bleached so the colors would show). So I forgot about it then, convinced myself that it wasn't for me. But it had always been something I wanted to do for a long time.

Fast forward to a few years. I watched the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and met Clementine.

I know that I will do it eventually. i just don't know when.

Then last weekend, I finally did.

It was actually supposed to be a dark shade of blue. But I kind of like how this looks now. At first it was blue-green but as it slowly fades, it's turning into a light shade of green.

It's like film. I love happy accidents. And this is most definitely an accident. That I'm pleased with. Haha! This earned me 50 quirky points. Say hello to your resident weirdo. I can't wait to show you my future tattoos (if I ever muster up the courage to do it.)

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