March 02, 2011

oh my heart... dresses!

Have you seen Elsie Flannigan's new Spring Dress Line??

Oh there's tons more in her blog! All of them are so adorable! That girl is really mod this season. I've been searching for dresses with peter pan collars these days and look at that. The girl delivers. Haha! Seriously, I can't pick a favorite since all of them are really nice. 

Go on, check em out!


Maddy said...

I haven't visited her blog in awhile, so I'm surprised to hear she has a dress line in addition to her wonderful shop, art, photography, classes, etc...!! Wonderful news! She's taking over the world :)

kat said...

She is!!! Aaaannnddd she's planning her wedding on top of all that. Haha! Truly inspiring...

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