February 24, 2013

weekend date

Does anybody here still celebrate monthsaries? No? Ok, I see a few hesitant hands. Don't be shy! Because we certainly are not. Heh.

This sunday we went to the Powerplant Mall for our monthsary. How many months, you ask. Well, we jusf had our 6th year anniversary so multiply that by 12 then add 2.  I can't even remember hahaha! We've been celebrating for 6 years so it's hard to keep up. Anywaaaaaayyy...

We were famished so we entered the first restaurant we saw, which happened to be Mamou Too! I love the place. It's just really inviting. Plus the manager was cute and she led us to our table. The menu looks exquisite so we had a hard time deciding what to eat. We settled for more familiar food: I got Salmon Benedict and boyfriend got Pappy's Toast.

Pappy's Toast looks like a variation of the eggs benedict. According to cute manger's story, this is what Mamou serves her husband for breakfast. Awesome waking up to salmon for breakfast, right? And they were sooooo good. I really love salmon. The staff was also really helpful. They provided us with everything with need promptly. We are most definitely going back here.

Having not much money (lol), we just wandered aimlessly, staying mostly at Fully Booked, Muji, National Bookstore, and at Press where we stayed for coffee and chitchat. I bought a few stuff from National Bookstore for rubbercut stamping (look out for a blog post on that). And while I was doing that, lucky lucky boyfriend found this bag...


I don't know whefe he got this but he said he got the last 2 bags. Lol hoarder. 

Can I just humblebrag for a second? I just realized this yesterday. I am really thankful that we're able to do things like these during the weekends. These are the things that I look forward too every after work week. The days are too short, yes. But I think it's really up to you how you spend your short 2 day vacation from work. And with dates like this, I can face the new week with a smile on my face. Yay!

PS: As I write this post, Clementine is beside me sleeping and occasionally asking for tummy rubs. I am really itchy sweetheart, but I love you so much my allergies can go f*** themselves. I missed you baby kitty...


Roma is Love said...

Aww..monthsaries :)) so cute :))

girlmonochromism said...

Hahaha! Hi Roma! :D

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