January 20, 2013

the Christmas haul

I was happy to be able to go to the St. James Christmas bazaar last year because that's where I found the most amazing gifts. You know how it is when it's about 1 or 2 weekends away from Christmas and you still haven't decided what to give your favorite people yet. There were a lot of people there too but it was not as crazy as the malls.

I also got to shop on my own because the boyfriend gives me this look like, "I love you and I support you but geez my feet are killing me can we please wrap this up and go home....?" So I leave him to his UFC and out I go shopping. I went to the mall that one time and bought, ermm, stuff that I (would probably) need (someday). And, gifts.

But this post is not about the gifts bought. Mostly because my family reads my blog. This is about the stuff I bought on the side. One does not simply stick to one's Christmas shopping list. It is folly.

So here it is! I bring you...

The Christmas Haul of 2012!!!

Alice in Wonderland sticker notes
- 150 php, St James Bazaar

This set includes 8 pads of sticky notes, each with a different size and design.

Mark Ryden postcards
- 600 php, Fully Booked

I've always been a fan and this had been one of the luckiest find ever.

Tara McPherson stationery
- 250 php, Fully Booked

I remember collecting stationeries like this in high school. I was so stoked to see this. It's in the same area where I found the Mark Ryden prints.

2013 planner in Turquoise
- 245 php, National Bookstore

I love the color! And I also love the layout. You have one whole page for each day of the year. And it's compact! It's just as small as my pseudo Moleskine journal (see next entry).

Venzi blank journal
- 99 php, National Bookstore

The poor man's moleskine. 70 gsm with blank pages. Not bad for a cheap ass notebook. The pop of pink is what caught my attention but it proved to be a pretty cool notebook when I used my colored pens on it.

Pretty pretty stuff. I sure hope these things help me keep organized. 2013, bring it!!

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