May 07, 2011

weekend loot

So I was reading Katrina's blog post about her Japanese books when I remembered something I haven'ts done in months... go book hunting!

National Bookstore has this huge collection of Japanese hobby books, though most of them were about sewing and origami. I'm not much of a seamstress so when I browse through that particular section of the store, I usually just buy the origami books. I decided to check it out again this Saturday in hopes of finding "gold". I ended up buying 4 books I absolutely cannot put down... at 20% off!! Am I lucky or what??? more after the jump!

I got 3 doodle stitching books and a book of skirt patterns (which I direly need). Ooooohhhhh!!!!!

I'm thinking of doing something using these patterns. A camera bag for my LC-A+, maybe? We'll see... ;)

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