February 19, 2011

when you're lucid you're the sweetest thing

Camera Obscura is one of the many bands that can make me sing (and dance) in the shower. My first album would be Let's Get Out of This Country which is a gift from the boyfriend. I would always point it to him when we go to record stores. Not really hinting (no really. haha!). My latest acquisition is this vinyl of My Maudlin Career which is my most favorite album of the band. We waited for this (along with other vinyls of his) for months since it will be coming from UK, I think. I was so ecstatic when we finally got the package; this being my first vinyl and all. 

We listened to this and other vinyls we found stashed in the house (Bread, some Carpenters) this past V-day. It was the sweetest V-day I can remember. :)

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