February 20, 2011

weekend loot

We went to the mall yesterday with the aim to walk aimlessly. We usually go to anywhere with books (Booksale and National Bookstore) and/or record stores (Odyssey) and were able to snag these gems:

  • Goodbye 20th Century: A Biography of Sonic Youth by David Browne (Php 164)
  • Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (Php 315)
  • Permanent: Joy Division 1995 (Php 500-ish... I think...)

I learned about Jonathan Safran Foer though Carina (nothingspaces.com) as she is a HUUUUUUGE fan. I've been reading a few pages and I must admit I'm starting to love it. :) Thanks Carina! 

We trolled around the mall, watching kids like we always do. 

(the boyfriend tries to hide. he's camera shy as you can see.)

(and he's content with taking weird pictures of me. hello wonky eye.)

BTW, it's nice to see everyone using paper bags in this mall. I guess it can be a pain especially if your carrying food (my baked potatoes from Wendy's almost fell out of the paper bag due to moisture) but still...

Have a great week guys! :)

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