September 22, 2010


I have always wanted to have my own space for crafting. Usually, I just find a flat, sturdy surface preferably in front of the tv. So I end up doing my stuff on the living room floor, where there's unlimited work space. Haha!

I've been saving pictures of work spaces from the interwebs as inspiration and I wanted to share some of my finds with you. :)

1. Red Star Ink's studio

2.  Someone's very nice sutdio from sweethomestyle

3. Melanie Molesworth space from annesage. Look at how clean this is! wow...

4. I love this wall decor from bookpaperscissors.

5. Of course, Rachel's house is always inspiring. It's literally colorburst in there! I love her inspiration wall. 

I think I need shelves and a spacious work table. When I finish my own workspace, I promise I'll share some pics. :)

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