September 26, 2010

film camera junkie

This is in response to puglypixel's post about her camera collection.

I've been meaning to do this since forever but I've been busy. I looked at my camera cabinet and whoa, I didn't realize I have a HUGE collection of film cameras.These are mostly toy cameras that we bought off the flea market or corporate giveaways that we got from family members. I decided to show you the collection in installments. Here's the first batch:

The thing with these cameras is that they give you unexpected photographs. Solar flares, vignettes, light leaks. These little imperfections are a huge part of their charm. Let me show you sample pictures from some of these cameras...

from the twin star camera (camera 8)

Watch out for the sequels next week. 
Thanks for looking! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful cameras and photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to find this series about blogging one's camera collection! I can't wait to do it myself! Your collection is lovely. It looks like candy.

midnightcity said...

@Lauren - thank you! oh hey i heard someone modify their disposable camera so she can reuse it. i love your collection :)

@gogovivi - it's fun sharing the collection. thank you for the appreciation. :) cant wait to see yours!

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