March 31, 2013

alone but never lonely

It was my Me Time again yesterday. The boyfriend let me wander off on my own so I hauled my sleepy ass down to Alabang Town Center.

I just saw how different the place is now. It is slowly turning into a mini Bonifacio High Street of the south. They've added restaurants and shops there, making the place less outdated. About time, right? The town center had been there for ages.

It's pretty festive there yesterday, being Easter Sunday.

I started writing this blog post yesterday in a coffee shop, while watching people. I had to tune out the white noise though so I blasted my eardrums with Amanda Palmer music. Anyway, the splurge of the day award goes to this gem right here:

A hardbound collection of T.S. Eliot's poems and plays! Originally priced at 1,215 php, I pointed out that it has cosmetic damage so they gave me a 20% discount on it. New price: 972 php.

(Are you writing this down? Because you should. That's a life lesson right there. Boom. You're welcome.)

I'm really not OC when it comes to books. Mine all have been dogeared because I don't trust bookmarks. But you always have to look for newer copies and if they don't have one, then that treasure is yours for less! I've been looking for an Eliot book for ages so this is just an awesome find.

Also... You all know how much of a notebook hoarder I am, right? Wellllll... Ok just look at this for a second before you tut-tut:

I mean, how can you not get one. They're all so very pretty. No, no, of course I don't need it. I just wanted one. Because it's purrrrrty. I know, it's all id in this body. No superego. At. All. Oh look, mini me's!!!!!

Anywaaaaayyyyy, a few bucks short but happy, I decided to go home. Here's the downside of commuting to ATC. You have to ride a jeep to Festival mall and walk to the vans that will take you home. It didn't end up too bad because I got this...

The whole process took less than 20 minutes. The stamp itself was done in 5 minutes! I was so happy (and a little broke) that I didn't buy that Daenarys Targaryen vinyl toy I saw. I got this bespectacled cat instead for 320 php. Woot!

Maybe you're thinking, "that poor girl has no friends she had to go on her own...." Don't feel sorry for me guys! :) There's this line in one of Amanda Palmer's new songs which says, "I like being alone with people. Yes, that's how I like it." That's when I realized that there are other people like me. I like being alone with people around me. We're a weird bunch I know, but who isn't.

Till the next adventure comrades!!


Elle said...

WAIT they make stamps at powerbooks??

kat said...

Hi elle! No i had that made in Festi na. 4th floor stall near Jollibee. They make customized stamps. Woohoo!

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