July 28, 2012

big girl decisions

So last week, we went house hunting...

Although we sure picked a weird time to do it. It was raining small animals because of a typhoon. It hadn't stopped raining all night so water was everywhere. But we promised the broker that we'd meet with her (and we were giddy to see the house) so we braved the rain.
It was not exactly a house house. We found a pre-selling condominium near the place where the boyfriend and I work. I was adamant at first because I know zilch when it comes to real estate. I was raised in "the suburbs". But when I saw the place, I actually saw ourselves living in it. I looked at the boyfriend and saw the same. He loves it as much as I do!

We've been together for almost 6 years now so this is a really exciting time for us. It's a weird feeling, really. I feel so... grown up. :)

When we stopped by Ikea in Singapore earlier in the year, we fell in love with the place. The best thing is, they have showrooms on the 2nd floor! So we took a bunch of pictures. I didn't realize that our future home would look so much like those little rooms.

If you haven't figured it out yet.... Yes, we bought a condo unit!
Ahh the paperwork is crazy. I let the boyfriend talk with the broker about money matters. I just know I would space out once we talk about downpayments and balloon payments. Ugh. You can talk to the boyfriend about that, I do not have the necessary attention span for all that. :))
Exciting times for both of us, yes. We have already decided how to decorate the condo. I just hope we don't jinx it!!


Kat said...

yayy! congrats, kat and sir mike :)

Maddy said...

Congrats Kat!! Buying your first piece of property is a lot of work, but soooo rewarding! Good luck on the closing :) xoxo

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